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Thought I would start this blog off with a little bit about me in poetry form.  Written a year ago or so, still true to this day.  Welcome to the whole spectrum of who I AM.


I am




Having to go by their decisions

I am from rage subsiding

While sitting on the street corner

As they battled there issues

Sitting for what seemed forever hoping

she would drive off


I am from

summer sun drenched in dough boy water

Sister hood laughter


I am from Jr. High

Roving reporters on

The Birds Eye View

Best friend acceptance

still happening 29 years later


I am from fighting

with my father to

working it through


I am from choir to painting

Creativity forever spilling out from me


I am from Religion

Now searching

Spiritual finding

Being okay to believe in

God in the way I see him


I am who I am

Not who they taught me to be


I am

The journey


tears to learning

From joy divine woman

within me


I am from knowing that

Where I am from

Isn’t as important


Where and who I chose to be